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Bookkeeping services

Are you looking to outsource your accounts to an experienced bookkeeper? Do you need expert assistance with your bookkeeping, accountancy, payroll, VAT, taxation and credit control? Small Business Books offer competitively priced bookkeeping, payroll and accounting services. We cater for Small Businesses from Start-Up to turnovers exceeding £1m and can provide a range of services from basic bookkeeping to full accounts management.

To discuss your bookkeeping needs,
please email or call today on 07940 875 908

“Sarah has been trusted, helpful, efficient, knowledgeable & has managed our accounts in a transparent & organised manner.”

Experienced bookkeeper

Sarah Maries, the proprietor of Small Business Books has worked in bookkeeping, credit control, payroll and accountancy for over twenty years. With such a wealth of practical financial management experience and many positive accolades (feedback), Small Business Books are well placed to trust your accounts to. Small Business Books helps small business owners operate via the outsourcing of essential bookkeeping, accounting and other accounts administration.

To discuss your bookkeeping needs,
please email or call today on 07940 875 908

Outsource your accounts

How much time are you spending working with your accounts and books, rather than growing your business? Perhaps you are finding that there is not enough time in the day and that your all important accountancy, financial paperwork and bookkeeping is falling behind! Wouldn’t you rather be delegating such things to a skilled, cost-effective and experienced bookkeeper, leaving you more time to develop your business? Wouldn’t you prefer peace of mind in knowing that your accounts and essential bookkeeping tasks are always 100% up-to-date? Are you aware that the services of a professional bookkeeper can save you money by reducing the number of hours required of more expensive accounting services? Small Business Books save their clients money!

“Sarah was trusted implicitly, both by myself and the company’s management.”


Running payroll in-house is becoming increasingly complicated and time consuming, with plenty of scope to make mistakes. Along with statutory sick pay (SSP), statutory maternity pay (SMP) and student loan repayments, employers also have to deal with employee’s National Insurance. [more]


We will take care of VAT returns for you. We will ensure that they are completed correctly so that you avoid any undue problems with HM Customs & Excise. We will also ensure that you are recovering the maximum possible amount of VAT that you are entitled to. [more]

Credit Control

Small and medium sized companies often find it hard to justify the cost of employing a credit control specialist on a full time basis for the purpose of monitoring their credit control functions. Where Small Business Books are taking care of your bookkeeping, accounting and invoicing, why not consider using our credit control expertise? [more]

“Sarah has been taking care of my accounting for the last five years. I have never had any problems & receive glowing reports from my auditors.”