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Bookkeeping software

Bookkeeping software gives owners of small businesses the tools to manage – and really use – their own books for the first time, as well as providing business owners with a clearer picture of how their business is performing – at the touch of a button.

Such bookkeeping software can allow you to: Control your finances and cash flow; Manage your VAT, tax and NI so, for example, many packages allow you to complete your VAT return in just a few minutes; Easily produce your annual accounts and end of year reports; Know which products and customers make you the largest profits; Manage and record your stock levels; Keep accurate records of your customers and suppliers; Run your payroll with confidence and ease; Track your credit card payments and record your cash sales; Automatically reconcile your books with your on-line bank accounts and Understand what your books are telling you about your business finances.

Such Bookkeeping programs do all the complex calculations using the basic information you type in, you can check balances, produce balance sheets, print-off cash flow forecasts, analyze payment patterns and carry out a whole host of other financial management activities. Many software packages also can store information on other aspects of the business such as payroll, inventory management, invoicing and banking.

Bookkeeping programs do all the complex calculations using the basic information you type in.

Accounting software

PC or MAC based accounting software, along with cloud based – on-line accounting/bookkeeping software is the common approach these days and there are many software solutions to choose from. Modern day accounting software is usually highly scalable and able to expand to cope with the needs of any size of company or turnover. In many cases, accounts software can also encompass payroll, credit control and various other aspects of company financial management. The main brands include: Sage, Intuit, Dosh, TAS and MYOB, but there are others and particularly in the growing field of on-line/cloud based accounts software.

Top 10 Best Selling Accounting Software

As follows are the current best selling accounting software packages being sold online at This is a reasonable guide of the popularity of these software options based on user reviews, price and numbers being sold.

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Modern day accounting software is highly scalable.