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Sage accounts software

Sage accounting softwareSage is perhaps the UK’s most trusted and best known business accounts software provider with well over 800,000 business users taking advantage of one of their accounts solutions. The strength of Sage is their ability to tailor their all encompassing range of accounts software to suit specific business needs, regardless of the size or industry of the business.

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Sage accounts software solutions cater as well for the single employee business as for substantial multi-site organisations with hundreds of staff. Sage offers complete on-line collaboration services for accountants, with full on-line accounting solutions, plus an extensive suite of desktop (PC & MAC) accounts software solutions with customisation that caters for different industry sectors. The best known Sage products include: Sage Instant Accounts (aimed at new or small businesses where there are limited in-house accounting skills); Sage 50 Accounts (perfect for well established small to medium sized businesses) and Sage Payroll. All of these solutions offer ‘Plus’, ‘Professional’ and ‘HR’ options and come with an ability to scale-up and adapt per the needs and growth of a business.

Along with an all encompassing range of scaleable accounts, payroll and HR software products, Sage also offers Sales/CRM software (Sage Act, Sage Pay & Sage CRM), project management, planning software, software add-ons along with a full range of accounting support, training and accounts stationary. For small and start-up companies, Sage is a good ‘off the shelf’ accounting and payroll solution, but for larger organiastions, consultation and advise would be advisable prior to investing in some of the Sage enterprise solutions. [more]

Sage is perhaps the UK’s most trusted and best known business accounts software provider.

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If you know which Sage software products you need, one of the best places for competitive prices is, where you can purchase the full range of Sage Instant, Sage 50 and Sage Payroll – mostly with free and next-day delivery options. For the very latest and most competitive prices on all Sage accounting software, please click here.

Most Sage products are also listed in the autions (Accounting & Finance Software) on eBay. As follows are the current Sage listings:

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